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Buying a Tucson home can be very frustrating, some of you may have probably experienced this already. Javier has Good News for you, he is experience in all areas of buying a Tucson area home. Buying a home in Tucson can be frustrating yes, as Javier says it doesn’t have to be. Javier is a dedicated Buyer’s Agent who is committed to you and continues working FOR YOU! Javier knows the Tucson home buying process and will give you the BEST representation and guidance during your transaction and beyond. Call Javier today, 520-304-8991 to learn where to begin.

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Javier is experienced and works with experienced professionals like the lending team at Lance & Company at NOVA home loans. Lance & Company is a nationally ranked loan team that has collectively over 100 years of lending experience. This means that Tucson home buyers will not run into any roadblocks along the home buying process. For more information on how Lance & Company can help you please see our finance page here.


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Javier is experienced in several aspects of the Tucson Home Buying process including:


1st Time Home buyers

Javier loves helping 1st Time Home Buyer into new homes. He knows exactly what they need to hear throughout the entire process. Javier has helped hundreds of people purchase their first home here in Tucson and he can help you too! From what loan products to choose from, to how to fill out the contract Javier has the experience and understanding to get you the best deal for your first home. Find out why so many 1st Time Home Buyers choose Javier TODAY!


Short Sale Buyers

Tucson was once known for its Short Sale homes for sale. Javier knows the way this entire process works front and back. Although not a prevalent as they once were, you still need an agent who can explain this process to you clearly and concisely. Javier can guide you from start to finish in the Short Sale process and as a Tucson home buyer you will be better off for it.

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VA Home Buying

Tucson is home to a major US Air Force Base at Davis Monathan, which means that Javier must understand the entire process for incoming Airmen. He has helped hundreds of Airmen from the ranks of E-1 all the way up to O-5 buy and sell Tucson home using the VA home loan.

There are several Tucson neighborhoods that have a lot of attention from VA buyers. VA buyers seem to enjoy the sense of community and comradery that these communities have. The two most popular are:


Rita Ranch

With its close proximity to Davis-Monathan and great value make it ideal for military buyers and those who are looking to retire close to the base. Homes for sale in Rita Ranch in high demand because of these facts. Rita Ranch is also home to one of Tucson’s largest neighborhoods and many VA buyers live there.  Prices are very affordable in Rita Ranch, many 4 bedroom/ 2 bath 2000sf homes are currently offered in the $175k-$225k range. Home prices start in the low 150K for Rita Ranch homes.


Rancho Sahuarita

Another great location for VA buyers and those in the military is in Rancho Sahaurita. A little further out in proximity to DMAFB, it acts as a great place for those who would like to live just far enough away from the base. Homes for sale in Rancho Sahaurita come in all shapes and sizes, and are very competitive. They are a little newer then Rita Ranch and also the neighborhood as a whole is a higher end as it has all been newly developed. Prices start in the low 150k’s for Rancho Sahuarita homes, with 4 bed/ 2 bath 2000sf homes ranging in price from $175k-$250k



FHA Home Buying

Tucson home buyers who are looking for low down payment homes love FHA home loans. Javier has a great team at Lance & Company that know the ins and outs of the FHA home loan requirements. The first step is always to get in touch with either Javier or one the loan officers at Lance & Company. Find out the limits and requirements first to see if your dream home can use the FHA home loan products.



USDA Home Buying

Similar to the FHA home loans, USDA home loans offer a product for Tucson home buyers who would like a low down payment. USDA Home Loans are $0 Down, typically have lower rate, but you must see if you qualify for these homes. Call Javier today to find out the next step in this Tucson home buying process.  



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